Heritage Room Tour at Mount St. Mary College

  • Use your cursor (click and drag) to move through the Heritage Room.
  • Or, click the arrows on the edge of the screen to move left and right.
  • The tour can also be navigated by touch on touch-screen devices.
  • Skip to a particular date by using the "Time Period" drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • Selected images (shown by highlighted borders) can be viewed in more detail.
  • Click on highlighted images to view more information, including a link to full-size photos and documents.
  • small_audio1 Microphone icon indicates an audio clip for listening.
  • small_trowel1 Trowel icon indicates an artifact photo that can be viewed.
  • "Home" link at top of screen returns to Welcome page.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Time line dates correspond to the photos, documents, and artifacts in each section of the room,
    rather than the murals.  To see the dates for the murals, click the mural images.