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Sisters of Saint Dominic, Blauvelt, New York

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November 5, 1878:  Six nuns, two postulants and nine little girls from Second Street form the first community called Saint Joseph’s Asylum in Blauvelt, New York.

October 1, 1890:  The Certificate of Incorporation is signed under the title, the “Asylum of the Sisters of Saint Dominic”.

December 18, 1890:  All documents are filed in the offices of the State and County of New York.

January 5, 1891:  All deeds are transferred, financial arrangements are completed, the nuns become independent of the Second Street Congregation, and take the name: “Sisters of Saint Dominic”.

52 nuns from Second Street assisted in this mission, of these 32 remained to become members of the congregation.  9 returned to New York.  (11 died in Blauvelt before 1890.)

The number professed in this congregation:
1891 to 1992 = 901

Sisters of Saint Dominic, Blauvelt, New York